Conceived Since 2000 & Realized in 2003

The Foundation for Environment and Development (FEDEV)

FEDEV is leading public interest on Environmental Law & Protection

Upcoming Event:

Workshop on “Climate Justice” For Magistrates And Lawyers

Date: December 8 & 9, 2022

FEDEV is a Network of Lawyers in Cameroon

Promoting environmental protection, resource governance, sustainable development and respect for human rights through the instrumentality of laws and policies. The Foundation for Environment and Development (FEDEV) is a leading public interest environmental law organization.

About Us

"Environmental Laws and Litigation" at Parliamentary Flats Hotel

Magistrates from the Legal Department were divided into groups during our first 2 days workshop on “Environmental Laws and Litigation” at Parliamentary Flats Hotel, sharing experiences, ideas and suggestions on the challenges of environmental litigation in Cameroon and the way forward to a healthy environment.

Participants were presented with certificates of participation by the representative of the Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seal, Executive Director of FEDEV and the representative of Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW).

Why Choose FEDEV?

You Care About Your Environment

 Urban waste management and Pollution in Bamenda city

Partnering With Organizations

 ELAW and FEDEV Environmental Justice and Human Rights Project from 2019 till date. .

Community Development

 Poverty and Environment Project in collaboration with WRI

We Implement The Laws

 Formulation and drafting of Biosafety laws of Cameroon, Community Forest laws, wildlife laws, the pastoral code, New land use law, mining code and EIS decree.

FEDEV is recognized by
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Our Areas of Practice

FEDEV’s projects center on the following areas: 

Sustainable Mountain Development in Cameroon.

Farmer-Grazer Conflicts management in the NWR.

Environmental education for schools.

Capacity building for the Judiciary environmental law.

Capacity building for Lawyers in environmental law.

Integrated water Resource Management in the Bamendakwe Highlands.

FEDEV EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Barrister Nchunu Justice Sama

Barrister Nchunu's Story

We do a lot of public-interest environmental litigation on behalf of ordinary people as well as communities. These are those who otherwise will be denied justice either because they lack knowledge or simply can't bear the costs involved. We also carry out a lot of education to empower women to be able to participate in decision making in their communities- Barr Nchunu Justice Sama, CEO FEDEV. Find out more about FEDEV in this video

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