FEDEV Recognized for Leadership in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development

FEDEV Recognized for Leadership in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development

The Foundation for Environment and Development, FEDEV, has been voted as a pioneer Executive Member of the African NGO Alliance for Environmental Sustainability, ANAES. This was done during the constituent general assembly at the official lunch of ANAES, which took place in Kigali, Rwanda from the 19th to the 20th of October 2023. Barrister Nchunu Justice Sama, FEDEV’s Executive Director represented the organization at this august event. ANAES is a network of 32 African environmental organisations from 18 African countries. They are dedicated to addressing environmental and related social challenges in Africa.

The increasing rate of environmental challenges in Africa and the need for a prompt but coordinated transboundary reaction to find solutions prompted the Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS) and leading environmental organizations in Africa to convene and brainstorm possible solutions.

One of the solutions was to set up a collaborative network of African NGOs to commit to environmental conservation and sustainable development in Africa. The network is committed to sharing knowledge, and ideas, and taking collective actions to support the development of Africa. In so doing, ANAES advocates for sustainable socio-ecological solutions, nature-based community development, and education for sustainable development.

The event was organized by the Albertine Rift Conservation Society, ARCOS, and selected leading NGOs in Biodiversity conservation, sustainable development in Africa, and partners.

With representation from different African countries, the pioneer executive committed included FEDEV from Cameroon, and (good to name the different organizations from Morocco, Zambia, Uganda, Burundi, and Guinea Conakry.

By electing FEDEV into the pioneer executive committee, members of ANAES recognised FEDEV’s
leadership in promoting biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, environmental protection, sound natural resource management, good governance, and respect for human rights via the instrumentality of laws and policies locally, regionally, and internationally. FEDEV also plays a significant role in environmental education and training for critical stakeholders like judges, prosecutors, lawyers, journalists, and grassroots environmental defenders.

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